Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – August 1 Week

1. Excessive Drinking Responsible for 255 Deaths Per Day in US

Excessive drinking was responsible for an average of 255 deaths per day in the United States from 2011 to 2015, according to research published in the July 31 issue of the U.S. (

2. A pandemic can worsen odds for people recovering from addiction

Drug use can increase the risks associated with COVID-19 infection, and at the same time, the social and psychological risks of the pandemic can intensify drug use. (

3. 2 teens among 3 found dead in Michigan hotel, man hospitalized; drug overdoses suspected

Michigan police found three people dead and another man unconscious in a hotel room late Wednesday afternoon and are investigating the incident as an apparent drug overdose. (

4. Pharmacokinetics trumps pharmacodynamics during cocaine choice: reconciliation with the dopamine hypothesis of addiction

Cocaine is known to increase brain dopamine at supranormal levels in comparison to alternative non-drug rewards. According to the dopamine hypothesis of addiction (

5. Easing up on public drinking laws would be useful as bars reopen, infectious disease experts say

As bars and restaurants begin to reopen across Ontario and other provinces continue to see a significant rise in COVID-19 cases traced back to indoor eateries, some infectious disease experts say easing up on public drinking laws may not be such a bad idea. (

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