Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 3 Week

1. 5 Years, No Fatal Odds: Study Finds ‘safe Injection Sites’ Can Save Lives

 Safe injection sites for users of illicit drugs such as heroin: They’ve been tried and legalized in countries such as Canada and the Netherlands, and a new study suggests they might save American lives, too. ( )

2. Rats’ Brain Activity Reveals Their Alcohol Preference

The brain’s response to alcohol varies based on individual preferences, according to new research in rats published in eNeuro. ( )

3. Covid-19 Addiction News: Global Responses To Lock-Down

In the last month, there has been a huge increase in COVID-19 related addiction news. Although the current situation is unprecedented, many of the policy responses have well-established precedents including forms of prohibition, regulation and outreach treatment. Perhaps the most common policy option has been to ban substances, particularly alcohol. ( )

4. Environmental Enrichment During Forced Abstinence From Cocaine Self-Administration Opposes Gene Network Expression Changes Associated With The Incubation Effect

Environmental enrichment (EE) is a robust intervention for reducing cocaine-seeking behaviors in animals when given during forced abstinence. However, the mechanisms that underlie these effects are not well-established. ( )

5. Does Medical Marijuana Help Or Harm Kids With Cancer?

Parents are increasingly interested in whether medical marijuana can help their children with problems like cancer-related pain and nausea. (

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