Company Policies on Alcoholismin the UK

Company Policies on Alcoholism in the UK

Alcohol abuse has greatly impacted companies in the UK and the costs associated with alcohol at work each seven billion pounds each year. Because of several after-effects of labor drinking, the British government has implemented legislation for employers to restrict the use of the substance in the workplace. So in this blog, we are going to see about alcoholism in the UK

These laws are based on a survey that employee drinking can cause a business to suffer and incur costs. For one thing, alcoholism can be the reason for the decline in productivity and poor staff performance. Another alcohol addiction is the reason for about five percent of the total number of work absences in the country, which equates to about fourteen million lost working days. In addition, such vice affects a person’s judgment and physical coordination, thus accidents which are alcohol-related are prevalent in the country. Also, alcohol abuse among workers can have a negative impact on team morale and staff relations.

Alcoholism in the UK

Therefore, the British government passed two legislations relating to substance misuse. One addressed the concern of the employer and the responsibility of the employee about abuse, while the other aims to control the use of both alcohol and drugs in the transport industry. In relation to this, establishments in the UK are adopting policies that are applicable to all workers regardless of status.

Help for alcohol addiction, In conclusion, abusive liquor intake can lead to reduced productivity, absences at work, and drinking-related accidents. Therefore, the British government and businesses partnered to find a solution to the problem with most UK employers these days implementing rules that restrict employees from coming to work drunk.

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