Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Dec 4 Week

1. COVID-19 and addiction recovery: Sobriety is still possible

(FOX 9) – In a month where people count down the days to Christmas, Mark counts up the days of his sobriety. (

2. Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Opioid Addiction? — Pain News Network 

Previous research at BCCSU found that drug users initiating OAT who used cannabis daily were about 21 percent more likely to be retained in treatment after six months than non-cannabis users. (

3. Pacific Grove residential addiction treatment facility Beacon House closing its doors

 2018, it partnered with Chicago-based Gateway Foundation, which operates the largest network of treatment facilities in the U.S. Beacon House was Gateway’s only California partner. (

4. Major Increase In Calls To Northeast Ohio Mental Health Hotline

Call volume, in general, this year has been at least 10 percent higher each month than in previous years. (

5. The pandemic and the holidays: a “perfect storm” for those in crisis 

Holidays are typically a challenging time for those who have substance use and addiction issues. Add in the COVID 19 pandemic. (

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